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Thank you very much, you are helping me a lot, I just have one last question, I would like to translate the customer’s account to my native language which would be Brazil Portuguese, I am not able to translate this part

I want to translate to the following way:

Sign in: “Entrar”
Create an Account: “Criar uma Conta”
Username or email*: “Usuário ou e-mail”
Username: “Usuário”
Password; “Senha”
Password: “Senha”
Login: “Entrar”
Lost yout password?: “Perdeu sua senha?”
in the second part I wanted you to translate in the following way:

Dashboard: “Minha Conta”
Orders: “Pedidos”
Downloads: don’t need to translate this
Edit Address: “Editar Endereço”
Account Details: “Detalhes da Conta”
Log Out: “Sair”
I would also like to translate a few things on the wish list page.

wishlist page:

There are no products on the wishlist!: “Não há produtos na lista de desejos!”
Wishlist link: “Link da sua lista”
Copy: “Copiar”

If you can help me with this I will be very grateful!!