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    I´m trying to emulate the menu in salider revolution, so I can build a header with the menu integrated. For the menu item, no problem, I just have to add the URL in a text layer and that´s it.

    But how can I add the shopping cart and whist list icons to slider revolution?

    Thank you


    I see the cart and wishlist are displayed in the header, please check again:

    Support Expired

    Thank you Billy. That is because I found an alternative way, without integrating them into Slider R. Just using a transparent color for the menu header, using z-index and moving up the section.

    Didn’t see how to do it in Slider revolution…and I do not think it is possible


    No, revolution slider only allows you to create blocks of images, text and buttons and does not allow embedding widgets here.
    Your approach is absolutely correct and we are doing it this way as well.
    Using an absolute header to override your slider is the best way

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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