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    Can I create separate banners for each category. I don’t want to have it like this >
    Above example has 2 banners which is not nice, so I want to change the main full width banner for each category. Please tell me how to do it.


    Hi you,

    To create this banner for category, please follow guide:

    Step 1: Please go to Templates -> Saved templates -> Add new template:

    Step 2: Add content for this template:

    Step 3: Copy shortcode template:

    Step 4: Go to Products -> Categories -> Select Category -> Edit -> Add shortcode ( STep 3) to the description:

    Support Expired

    Thanks for your reply and I already know this method, but my question was to replace this category banner with the top full width banner. Means I want to have the category banner as the only banner in the page. In this method what we are displaying is a category banner underneath the main banner. So please tell me how to add the category banner as the main banner.

    Follow the attached image to have an idea of the banner what I’m talking about


    Hi again,

    We use Elementor builder for this breadcrumb, so that, you just add image background for all page:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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