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    Please what is the best icon size for the homepage and footer, I have tried many sizes and they are blurry.
    How do I do it if I want to use the icon in SVG format.



    You should use SVG image for logo to avoid broken image.

    Use your login .jpg image in the best possible size, then use the convert to SVG tool:
    to convert your image to SVG image file

    I tried with your logo image, because the resolution of the image is too small, the image after converting is not very good, so you need to use a better quality logo image to convert to SVG

    Support Expired

    How can I put it in the theme after converting to SVG image, because I didn’t find a link where to put the SVG.
    All images are uploaded directly, but SVG does not support uploading.



    Your website still supports svg images, you can completely upload svg images to the Media library:

    As you can see, your current logo image is an svg image file that I uploaded for you, please check again

    Support Expired

    How to change the size of SVG LOGO?
    Do I need to re-edit the dimensions of the SVG file or can I edit the dimensions directly from the theme?


    To change the size of svg logo, please go to edit header or footer -> click edit Logo -> Tab style -> edit with:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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