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Support Forum Forums Zihom – Real Estate WordPress Theme How to change the 3 default icon features on the property listing preview?

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    On my home page under the featured properties there is N/A at the bottom of each property preview. Most of my properties are land and do not require Bedrooms and Bathroom counts. So, how to remove or change that feature on the on the property preview?



    I resolved this issue, please recheck your site.

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    Yes it is all done i can see it is clear… Could you recomend some other content to install/list on that now emply place on the property preview? Like for isntance the location of the property?

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    Can the “type” field from the “Parameters” section be placed into the empty field where the 3 N/A fields where?

    That way the viewer can see at a glance what type of property the listing is when viewing the preview.

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    You can display the Listing type in this blank position, but you will have to customize the code:

    You need to overwrite the template files zihom/ulisting/loop/grid-style/grid-style-1.php in the child-theme and edit the following code:’

    <div class="zihom-meta-extra">
                    $element_attribute                             = $element;
                    $element_attribute['type']                     = "attribute";
                    $element_attribute['params']['style_template'] = "ulisting_style_2";
                    $element_beds                                  = $element_attribute;
                    $element_beds['params']['attribute']           = "bedrooms";
                    $element_baths                                 = $element_attribute;
                    $element_baths['params']['attribute']          = "bathrooms";
                    $element_area                                  = $element_attribute;
                    $element_area['params']['attribute']           = "area";
                    zihom_ulisting_get_attribute_template($model, $element_beds, 'bedrooms');
                    zihom_ulisting_get_attribute_template($model, $element_baths, 'bathrooms');
                    zihom_ulisting_get_attribute_template($model, $element_area, 'area');

    and edit this code.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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