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    how to remove the flags in the menu in the mobile version ?


    Hi you,

    I have just fixed this issue, please recheck.

    Support Expired

    Thank you very much, you are helping me a lot, I just have one last question, I would like to translate the customer’s account to my native language which would be Brazil Portuguese, I am not able to translate this part

    I want to translate to the following way:

    Sign in: “Entrar”
    Create an Account: “Criar uma Conta”
    Username or email*: “Usuário ou e-mail”
    Username: “Usuário”
    Password; “Senha”
    Password: “Senha”
    Login: “Entrar”
    Lost yout password?: “Perdeu sua senha?”
    in the second part I wanted you to translate in the following way:

    Dashboard: “Minha Conta”
    Orders: “Pedidos”
    Downloads: don’t need to translate this
    Edit Address: “Editar Endereço”
    Account Details: “Detalhes da Conta”
    Log Out: “Sair”
    I would also like to translate a few things on the wish list page.

    wishlist page:

    There are no products on the wishlist!: “Não há produtos na lista de desejos!”
    Wishlist link: “Link da sua lista”
    Copy: “Copiar”

    If you can help me with this I will be very grateful!!


    Hi again,

    I installed Loco translate plugin for your site. Now, you can go to Translate text on theme, search your text and add translate.

    Support Expired

    thank you so much


    Ok, let me know if you need to help and don’t forget vote 5 stars for our team.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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