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    Hi guys,
    I’m trying to setup my theme but I have two problems.
    One is that I don’t have the Elementor Pro license, in fact the download gave me just the revolution slider’s one.
    Second problem is that when I try to import content, the process stops at widgets, so it doesn’t import sliders and after imports.
    Please help me


    Hi there,

    I have just installed demo for you, please recheck and let me know if you need to help.

    Support Expired

    I’ve 2 problems more :(.
    First is that I can’t modify the link’s button of the cart, I mean when I click on the bag, a window opens and shows all the products I chose and there are two buttons, I would want to modify those links.
    Second is that I can’t modify the bottom menu that appears when I see the website on mobile phone.


    Hi again,

    #1. I have just fixed this issue for you.

    #2. This menu is fixed on the mobile footer.
    To edit this menu, you have to override the function.

    Support Expired

    Hi again,
    Sorry but I’m still learning.
    How can I override the function?
    I mean, which is the script I have to write?
    Thanks a lot


    Hi again,

    I have just add function override into file functions.php for you.

    Now you can edit text or link for item menu footer: Functions.php

    Support Expired

    Hi again!
    I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to solve my problems (I think it will be the last one 🙂 ).
    In my checkout page I have the button “Effettua ordine” but after I’ve compiled the form and I’ve chosen the method payment, the button doesn’t redirect me anywhere.
    Thank you


    I have just resolved this issue, please use woocommerce shortcode for checkout page.

    Support Expired

    Thank you so much for your patience 🙂


    We glad to hearing that the trouble was resolved!
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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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