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    I started customizing my online store with your theme that I purchased a few days ago, but I have a problem. It only shows the products to people who are registered and not to a visitor. How can I solve that?
    I await your prompt reply. Thanks


    Hi you,

    I checked your website with an incognito browser and it still shows all your products:


    Please, try to enter each product does not even allow to choose the variations


    Hi again,

    I have just updated Woocommerce plugin and activated Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin. Your site is working now, please recheck and let me know if you need to help.


    Hi, I checked the site and it keeps giving the same problem. Could you check it one more time? I would appreciate it. In the same way, I would like to comment on some other details that I noticed in the last few days. I attach the details.

    1.- On the cover the extended section should appear, since in that way I configured in Elementor, and it comes out reduced with white borders on the sides. It only respects those settings if I log in as an administrator.

    2.-The text field where the wish list link appears is very small, and the text is not well appreciated.

    3-. On the phone the slider does not work correctly, it does not change image, it remains as a static image.

    I am looking forward to your response. Thanks.


    Hi again,

    I fixed this issue, please recheck.


    Thank u.

    I need help with some more things
    1-. You could accommodate the “Clear” button that appears on the product page as it appears too close to the description of the selected variation.
    2.- Could you review and arrange the main menu? Since when the page goes down the words are overflowing
    3.- Finally, could you translate the following strings?
    “View your shopping cart” – “Ver tu carrito de compras”
    Log Out – “Salir”
    You searched for – “Resultados de ”
    In Stock – “Disponible”
    Close – “Cerrar”
    You’re viewing – “Estas viendo”
    Out of Stock – “Agotado”


    Hi again,

    #1. I fixed this issue.

    #2. Your menu is getting too long so it will overflow 2 lines down. Treatment:
    1. Edit menu item text to be more compact:
    2. Only show important categories, other categories will be grouped into the submenu

    #3. I setup Loco translate plugin for you, please go to Translate text on theme, search your text and add translate


    Hello! I was able to translate the text strings and I solved the menu problem, however the problem of the clean button continues, and I noticed that all the product attributes no longer appear, only one appears.
    You can compare with the two captures that I leave you in the link.
    Could you check and help me with that please? Thanks!


    Please delete all caches on your browser and recheck:

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