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    The demo content shows the site very differently than from what i can use. The links to the properties and such lead to the demo2.prestabrain website, how can I use these templates included in the theme without having to buy elementor pro additionally. When purchased I thought those pages would be there to be edited, not to redirect me. Am I missing something? Also the Search bar is somewhat hidden in the features i think, is it seperatly through the pulgin UIlistings? Is there any easy way to import the complete demo and just edit the content? I am fairly new to wordpress overall thus my confusion, i managed to get the Home – Page, About us, Contact us, and such pages set up the way i need / want to, but the properties / listings are very confusing. Even just some documentation would help me here, im hoping to finish the website latest by next week so I really hope for some support, sorry for being inexperienced, I hope you still find the time to help me. Thank you kindly! Since the website is not for myself, but for a family member and the business respectively I will need to ask permisson to share the information, in case you need it, i would appreciate it if you could message me, thank you very much.



    Please send Admin web account for me, I will check and try to help you.

    Support Expired

    Hello, I have gotten enough of what I want I think, the client does not want to hand out website details though :/

    Quick question however, How do i delete the Login, it seems that everyone that vists my site can login to the WP-ADMIN page… when checking site code it says its because it is the Zihom Agent Login…. ? How do I delete this please, its really really unsafe.


    Please login to admin dashboard -> Go to Homepage -> Hover to Edit with ELementor -> Click Edit header:
    -> Click to edit Widget Zihom Account -> Delete:

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