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    Hi again,

    We have checked it but have not found the cause of the problem, possibly due to a browser cache or a conflict with some plugin. Please wait, we will re-examine your problem.

    Support Expired

    Hello Billy,

    We await your response. Please try to resolve it at your earliest.


    Support Expired

    Hello Team,
    Please look into the above issue and assist us to resolve this.



    We haven’t found a way to fix your problem yet, please wait a little longer, we will try to find your problem.


    Hi again,

    It took a long time to test your issue.
    – Use default theme
    – Deactivate all irrelevant plugins
    – Clear all cache on the browser as well as on the website
    However the problem is still not resolved

    Then I downloaded your website data backup and installed it on my computer – localhost. I check out and the cart is still working properly.

    So your problem is with the hosting hosting. Are you using Cloudflare, CDN or hosting cache for this website?
    It was the hosting cache that caused this error, please check and clear all the cache on your server to resolve the issue.

    Support Expired

    Hello Sir,

    I tried as you suggest the above points, BUT Still not resolved the issue. please do needful.



    The problem is from your hosting, not from our theme, so unfortunately we cannot assist you with this issue.

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    Hello Team,
    Please guide me on how can we add a Size Chart with the product in the image format.
    Waiting for the positive response


    About this issue, please follow guide at How To Enable Image Swatches

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    Hello Billy,

    The shared link is not what is needed.

    Hence sharing a reference of our requirement…
    Please assist in displaying something like it.

    Please browse Size Chart on the link below:–navy-blue-quirky-print-anarkali-kurta/10980112/buy

    It is a button displayed with Product Size / Price
    Please suggest how can we add a button & open an image to display the size chart for our products.



    Oh sorry.

    On our theme, we just support show popup content Size Chart, you can’t select size on this table.

    Please check demo at Demo size guide

    To edit this content, please go to Edit Size guide content

    Or you can purchase plugin at:

    Support Expired

    Hello Team,

    We have observed that our site & even in the default WONCEP theme as well, IF the FIRST product is Added to Cart from the detailed page it does not get added in the cart.

    For eg.
    If a product is added too cart from

    It shows… “Solid Straight Kurta” has been added to your cart.
    But CART Counter on top right still shows ZERO.

    Please REFER:

    How to resolve this.


    This problem we have answered you above, please check your hosting again. The problem is not with our theme or plugin

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)

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