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    Hi there.
    This is a short description of my problem:

    I’m using WPML to translate my contents, but every time I make a small adjustment on one Tour content (managed via BA BOOK EVERYTHING plugin) my permalinks crashes and at least a part of my contents (usually the ones in the secondary language) leads to a 404 page.

    I turned off every single caching tool on the NGINX server, but the problem still persists.

    It’s like a cron job running in background that makes “something” that breaks my permalinks… but I did not install/activate anything that can do that.

    Site is: , main language is Russian, secondary one is Italian.



    Hi you,

    Please take a photo screenshot about this issue, I will check for you.

    Support Expired

    As you can see in the attached screenshot, the page is non available.
    Nobody worked on that since the time I opened the ticket (and it was working, after I reset the permalinks).


    Hi you,

    Could you please send me the link of the page that error. You take a picture of the 404 page for me, how can I check the problem for you

    Support Expired

    You can see the issue here
    The same problem, now, occours in every tour page in Italian, because I just modified an Italian tour to make it happen.

    As you can easily see, the issue disappears if only you regenerate the permalinks. This is a really bad behaviour for my client… of course!


    I have clicked on the link you sent and all other booking objects and it works fine

    Please clear your browser cache and check again.

    In case the error still occurs, please make a video of the problem, I will try to check again

    Support Expired

    Good morning.
    All tours are not working now. Nobody entered the admin area since yesterday, before I contacted you.
    After your reply, actually the site was working properly, but something happened in the background (I suppose) and tours are down again.

    You can see that in the attached video



    After changing the slug for the booking object, you must go to Permalink Settings to save this config:

    It’s ok now, please recheck.

    Support Expired

    Good evening Mr. Nguyen
    I know that I have to update permalinks every time I modify a slug for a content, and this is what I did many many times since I installed your theme.

    And that’s the problem… I have to regenerate my permalinks a couple of times everyday, because almost every time I modify a single comma in one of my tour, the permalinks get losts! Sometimes it happens for a single language, sometimes for both.

    This is a very bad problem… you’ll understand…


    Hi you,

    Changing the content or any other customization other than the slug will not change the path of the booking object unless you use a plugin or some code that affects the slug of the booking object.

    I tried editing the content of the booking object but didn’t have the problem as you said.
    Again, can you make a video of how you changed the content of the booking object to lead to the error as you said?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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