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    In the “Most popular cities” component area it should be ALL TYPES of properties displayed there NOT just one type or another. What i mean is that this area should make the option by default of showing all types of property in a specific region.

    I am selling 8 types of properties all with in a single municipality. I choose to separate the municipalities into neighbourhoods (barangays) where we are selling lands. However, by segregating the option by type it sets a limitation on what will be displayed.

    In other words, in this example of the “Listing type banner” of showing the neighbourhoods, if i have 3 types of properties in a single neighbourhood, how can all of those types be reflected {count total} if the “listing type” is the criteria for whats allowed to be displayed?

    Thank you kindly for your assessment



    Oh, looks like we’re going in the wrong direction.
    1. You just need to create a common Listing type for all properties.
    Creating multiple listing types will not help you classify the properties as you want, in addition, you will have to set up many times for these listing types.
    2. I reviewed and created a custom field for you
    Properties type is like a category that you need to categorize properties.
    You would add the item list to this custom field and select it in the single property just like selecting the category.
    Then the problem of classifying properties will be solved and you will not have trouble when it breaks down the listing types like you are doing.

    Support Expired

    Yes, ok I understand now… Can you please rename the custom field to “Property Type”? Also, can you please insure the property type in the field that was the 3 N/A that were removed from the previous chat topic? That way the viewer can quickly see the property type displayed in the preview…

    This would then close out this topic! 🙂



    I have created for you the custom field Properties Type and recreated the properties, please check again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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