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    The file wp-content/themes/mixxcazt/inc/elementor/widgets/testimonial.php is triggering a notice in debug mode:

    notice:: Undefined index: column_tablet in wp-content/themes/mixxcazt/inc/elementor/widgets/testimonial.php on line 1519
    notice:: Undefined index: column_mobile in wp-content/themes/mixxcazt/inc/elementor/widgets/testimonial.php on line 1520

    You can replace in those lines and in lines 730, 731, 733, 734 by respectively :
    hide_tablet (instead of column_tablet)
    hide_mobile (instead of column_mobile)

    While you’re working on that file you can also change line 208, 212, and 216 :
    replace fa fa-align-left with eicon-text-align-left
    replace fa fa-align-right with eicon-text-align-right
    replace fa fa-align-center with eicon-text-align-center

    For me the icon of fontawesome were not working.

    I have a question : how can i make those changes on my child theme ?


    You need to properly override this file path in the child-theme:
    Ex: themes/mixxcazt/inc/elementor/widgets/testimonial.php
    => themes/mixxcazt-child/inc/elementor/widgets/testimonial.php
    then edit this file.
    If you need support, please send me your website admin account so I can review and support you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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