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    I bought the theme few days back and i am facing lots of issues

    1. Listing Gallery issues. The 3 layouts for Listing Type “Single Page” loyout for gallery is messed up its not working properly.
    2. “Inventory Layout” layouts are messed up. The layout is not working like padding, spacing, columns are overlapping.
    3. How to customize team page “our-team” also how to display more agenct details email social links etc..
    4. Remove map from “Add Listing Section”
    5. “Contact an agent” form is not visiable
    6. I am also facing php version issues. It looks like your theme is outdated. Kindly confirm.

    Support Expired

    just found 9MB error_log file full of bugs and errors.

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function zihom_get_placeholder_image_url() in wp-content/themes/zihom/ulisting/loop/grid-style/grid-style-2.php:20

    what is going on in background???? why so many errors????


    1,2, 4. Please take a screenshot and link to the page you are having problems with, I can’t find it on your website.

    3. You can go to file zihom/inc/elementor/widgets/users.php and edit function get_user_social().

    5. Please recheck:

    6. The PHP version you are using is 7.4, it is still working properly

    7. I fixed this error, please rechekc.

    Support Expired

    what the fuck???? you messed up my clients whole website why the fuck you removed the header from top???? i did not say to change that part

    Support Expired

    and why did you remove the videos????? why are you messing up all the website sections????

    Support Expired

    you stupid pig the whole website content is gone n i do not have a backup why the hell you modified all website pages???? where is the content?????? the client just called and he is asking for refund. your as stupid as fuck.


    Please calm down, you are insulting me!!!

    I did not delete any of your data, the error may be due to loss of custom css leading to incorrect display.

    Please provide the website admin account for me to review and support you

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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