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    Hi i would like to ask you two things:

    1) Can you send me your theme documentation?

    2) How can i install more than one demo? because i want to use some features of other demos.

    I wait for your response, thanks.

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    Hi you,

    #1. Please follow documentation at

    #2. Our theme supports up to 30 homepaege demos, importing all demos takes a lot of time so you can choose one demo homepage to import to your website yourself.
    I will show you how to import demo.

    Step 1: Install WordPress Import plugin

    Login to your WordPress dashboard, and navigate to Tools  Import. If the WordPress Importer is not yet installed, click Install Now.
    Wordpress Import Tools

    Step 2:

    At the bottom part of the WordPress dashboard, click Run Importer under WordPress row. You will be redirected to WordPress Import screen.

    Step 3:

    Click Choose File and browse for the .xml file you have previously downloaded.
    Upload file

    Select demo at Demo Mixxcazt and then, Find file xml homepage at mixxcazt/dummy-data/homepage/

    Step 4: Click Upload file and import, and assign an author if you need to assign different author on it, then click Submit.
    Upload file content

    Step 5:

    Wait for the importer to finish the import. In some cases, with a large file of import, errors could emerge due to its large amount of import. To prevent this, you must unchecked Download and import file attachments before submitting your preferences. Doing this will link the media file from the import source, so it means, if it doesn’t exist (import source site), your site won’t show media file. It’s only good for web hosting migration, but you should remain it checked if the existing import source in running or you have already place the previous media file to wp-contents  uploads as stated above. To be sure, you should always backup site contents using FTP.


    I installed Home 1,2,3 for you and you can download more demos using the instructions above.

    Support Expired

    I appreciate the documentation but you just ruined me by installing these homes without asking me. Now the look and field is like the original one and I spent hours doing changes, ant the last back up i have is before this changes.

    You should have asked me…


    I’m sorry about this, very sorry to you.

    Support Expired


    Don´t know why in my site doesn’t work the link of create an account.

    To be more specific At Menu you will see “Iniciá sesión o registrate” and then if you click “Creá tú Cuenta” or “Perdiste tu contraseña?” they both do not work.

    I wait for your assistance. Thanks!


    All links are working properly, please check again:

    Support Expired


    Thank you so much.

    I made mi inquiry here because i don’t see where to make a new one.

    Where do i choose a new inquiry/topic?

    Thanks again.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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