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    I m using a plugin called zakeke that customize the product. WC cart handling logic which is absent on the theme file is not letting the plugin to add the product to the cart after customization.

    I have mentioned the conversation, below:

    Zakeke Support (Zakeke)

    May 7, 2021, 21:04 GMT+2

    As I said, and posted the code of your theme, your theme completely removed the WC add to cart handling code and replaced it with its own to do the ajax add to cart
    It isn’t something that I can fix

    You should ask to your theme developer to do not remove the WC cart handling logic

    Zakeke Support (Zakeke)

    May 7, 2021, 20:38 GMT+2

    Thank you, the issue is that your theme removed the standard WC add to cart form handling and replaced with its own that is not compatible with Zakeke
    From your theme woocommerce-template-functions.php
    add_action(‘wc_ajax_mixxcazt_add_to_cart’, ‘mixxcazt_ajax_add_to_cart_handler’);

    add_action(‘wc_ajax_nopriv_mixxcazt_add_to_cart’, ‘mixxcazt_ajax_add_to_cart_handler’);

    // Remove WC Core add to cart handler to prevent double-add

    remove_action(‘wp_loaded’, array(‘WC_Form_Handler’, ‘add_to_cart_action’), 20);

    Please Help me to fix it.



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    Support Expired
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    Support Expired


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