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    Thanks for beautiful theme.
    I am getting several issues in the theme.
    In some of the pages content is not showing in front end. some sliders are not getting load.
    Its happening since I installed the theme and imported the demo content.
    However, the same page shows content properly if I see it with backend login.
    I have looked into this and seems like that in front(without login) some js libraries are not getting load.
    In short content is not looking same as your demo site.
    The page link for example is:

    Home 2

    Could you please look into this issue.
    Please note that we already have started working on the project so don’t reset anything.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


    Hi you,

    I have just imported Slider home page for you, please recheck and let me know if you need to help.

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    There are lots and lots bugs in theme.
    Counter and sticky menu is not working in front(without login).
    Please check this video link below:

    I already have mentioned yesterday that some js are not getting load in front side and provided login to check.
    theme component related to js are not working properly.
    Many issues are there which I am facing I am listing few of them:
    1. Counter is not working in front. you can check it on on banner
    2. Sticky menu is not working.
    3. Slick slider is not working.
    4. The slider you have imported is not working

    This is disappointing.
    Please assist me as soon as possible.


    Hi again,

    The js error is caused by you customizing this js file. Please double check your js code. File custom.js

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    HI again,

    You have to delete the 2 js files that you added in the child-theme, or if you still want to use it, you have to edit it. As I said above, these 2 files are having js errors that make all js on the website not work

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    At first when I installed demo and didn’t added js, at that time also page was not loading properly.
    Currently we have removed the js file.
    You can check still it’s not working.


    I’ve checked it and it’s pretty good.

    About the demo data, because you have customized it quite a lot, it is not possible to delete it all to reinstall it.

    Let me know what you need help with, I will review and assist you.

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    Can you send me video link of what you are checking?
    At my end no single feature related to js is working well.
    It’s not about customizing. It’s about js not getting load at front.
    I have already installed the demo in local as well. without even customizing anything it’s not loading counter, sticky menu and slider.
    I am getting same issue there as well.
    It is fresh demo import still I am getting the issues.
    I have setup new project on this below link:
    You can use same credentials.
    Please check it.
    It is having same issues. Slider is not getting load sticky menu and counter also not loading.
    Check video link below. I have shared screen with and without admin login.
    Can you please assist. WE need to make it live in few days.


    Hi again,

    I can’t login your admin dashboard, please check your account.

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    We also have tried to install demo on different server.
    But it’s same issue we are getting everywhere.

    Home 2

    Please do needful.


    Hi again,

    #1. Home2, we use header2, this header doesn’t show sticky header, you can check our demo:

    To use header sticky, you need to use header 1. I set up this header for your site and this header works normally, please check:

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    Hi Billy,

    Can you please check this link without login in backend?

    If you are not able to solve the issue then please tell me straight away because we are wasting our time on this theme.

    Just check the link without login or in private window. With backend login it works fine. So please give some proper solution.

    Even we don’t customize anything just install theme, the same issue comes in any URL we upload.

    Please reply me soon as possible otherwise please refund the money as this is just shit theme

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    Hi there,
    Can you please at least reply?

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