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    HI again,

    Looks like there’s a problem with your hosting.
    – Can’t run effects from elementor, when I turn these effects off, the elementors show up when not logged in.
    – You try to reinstall this theme on localhost or another server to check again.

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    hi which effects you disabled? Please mention full details in your reply so we do not need to go back and forth.

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    we already tried with 3 different servers so that reason is not valid. Many other people are facing same issues which you can see in forum



    This is the first time our theme has this problem, no other customer has had the same problem as yours. Their problem is just not being able to import the data.

    I will try to import the data again for you, if it still does not fix the problem, you can request a refund for this theme.

    Please check upload_max_filesize of hosting, I can’t upload import file because max upload = 2Mb

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    its 256M now on

    Other siteground server which already had more file upload size still having same issue.

    Above both servers are different

    Siteground server is good you know so performance is not issue.

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    Hi Billy,
    We have found something.
    There is html getting break at front side.
    Please check snap below.

    Can you please check and try to fix it.?


    Hi you,

    Very sorry, this is a very serious bug related to the Elementor plugin, we are working on a fix. It may take a long time to fix it.

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    how long it could take?
    Can you please let me know as we need to make the site live asap.


    Hi you,

    Yesss, We have corrected the wrong function name freshio_is_woocommerce_activated, its correct function should be woncep_is_woocommerce_activated. I have fixed this for your theme and will update this issue in the next version.
    Very sorry for this problem.

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    Can you please let me know in which files you have made changes.
    As we need to make it in real project too.


    Yes, please go to file /woncep/wp-content/themes/woncep/inc/template-functions.php and find function: woncep_form_login(), then edit woncep_is_woocommerce_activated() into woncep_is_woocommerce_activated()

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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